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Another month has passed and with it comes the completion of the second issue of the 3RUN Magazine! Its bigger, bolder and more beautiful than the last issue. We have some really exciting articles, Features on Shade Zlat, Storror, Ivan Savchuk, 3RUN team member Fabio Santos, More strength training articles, how to start free running, tutorials and the history of 3RUN! Click here to download your free copy now: http://3run.co.uk/store/?wpdmact=process&did=Ni5ob3RsaW5r


3RUN 720 VOLTS (2013 Parkour & Freerun foot wear)

its been a long time waiting but finally they are available to order! The brans new 2013/14 3RUN 720's. Order yours now, you won't be disappointed http://www.3runshop.com We have been testing the 3RUN 720 volts out here in 3RUN HQ and around the globe on our travels for the past 6 months! They have passed the tests with flying colours. They perform exactly how we had hoped, amazingly light, you barely feel like you are wearing anything, yet they offer loads of support for jumps and drops, and grip the floor perfectly when going for big moves like double corks on flat ground and not rolling over and loosing its form. We have the trainers in two super cool colour schemes, Neon Green and grey for the big bashy athletes out there and the Black and Grey stealth option for those wanting a more subtle pair to complement any tracers...


3RUN MAGAZINE (Parkour, Tricking, FreeRun)

Its been a project we have wanted to create here in 3RUN HQ for the past 10 years, and finally on this beautiful day its come to life! the 3RUN Magazine is officially here! The first Issue is available as a free download from the 3RUN home page. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF OPTIONS TO YOUR COMPUTER OF SMART DEVICE http://www.3run.co.uk/mag.html I would like to say a massive thank you to my boy Carlos who has slaved away at this project working with myself and the 3RUN team to make this come to life, he has gone abaove and beyond and put equally as much passion into this project as the core team. Big respect brother!  



Im so sorry it has taken me this long to get round to making some slow motion tutorials, but finally there here and I'm starting them off with my favourite floor trick, the double cork, 720 spin. First off to those epic trickers out there who do these into triple spins =D Im no expert i know, But! I have spent the past 10 years doing them, loosing them, and doing them again, so I really have had a close relationship with this move, re learning it and locking it down finally on concrete. Its a super fun move, quite challenging but so worth the time spent learning it. I have created this video to help illustrate the steps that go into it, but to give a quick summary in words. Its all about setting out to do a double from the get go. Its never going to go if...



So training has been going really well for me lately, just turning up to sessions feeling really strong and fresh. Most importantly focused! You know how it is sometimes when you rock up to a session, and you don't feel great, not really to motivated or inspired, when that happens you know you might not have the best training session ever. Well, recognise that to have a good training session no matter what your doing it actually starts a few hours before you even get in the gym. Having eaten correctly, nothing to heavy, having filled up on natural fruit and veg is best for me, I had a natural juice, with Oranges, Carrots, and apples and a few bananas. I was well rested and ready to go! I really have been finding my flow again and my strength it back! this really allows you to max out your sessions...



This post has to be dedicated to the category i created called beautiful Earth. Im super blessed that in my life I get to travel so much, mostly with my job. That was actually one of my biggest dreams when I was younger, to see the world, and enrich my soul with all the golden sights. We live in such an incredible world full of richness. I have been to Turkey a few times before but this time I really go a taste of its culture and diverseness. I was invited out there with my 3RUN team to perform for a denim company which made some super cool stretchy jeans! I was also commissioned to shoot a short video wearing their products which was so easy to do because i had my boys with me, a beautiful location, and amazing weather. I recently brought a Sony FS700 which has the...


Zombies vs Parkour

Zombies vs Parkour! Finally the film is here! It has taken me the best part of 5 years to finally get round to making this film. I think the inspiration came from our awesome 3RUNtube followers. I noticed that quite often when we would release a new video we would get the comment "those are the only guys who would survive a zombie apocalypse" haha. I totally agreed with the comments and so here it is, a video which now puts that to the test! Zombies chasing after two free runnings hungry for fresh meat! It was probably one of my favourite shoots I have ever worked on personally. It was a passion project, I really did have my hands full with writing the short script, scouting the locations, getting all the cast together, employing the vest best in special fx makeup the guys from LIFECAST, Brining in help from...


Parkour Shoes – 3RUN 720 Volts

3RUN Have today announced their latest Parkour Shoe the 720 Volts! Having been in the Parkour and Free Running scene since its creation here in the UK they have put over 10 years of specific research into creating this cutting edge Parkour and Free Running trainer. The 3RUN 720 Volts are going to be available from the 3RUNSHOP around Late September in two colour schemes, the Electric Green version and the Black and Gun metal grey option. The RRP price is looking to be somewhere around the £40 mark with 3RUN shipping worldwide. Sizes are going to be from a UK 6 to UK 11. 3RUN have paid super close attention to every element that makes up the perfect Parkour shoe. They must be light, super flexible, built to last, have an amazing grip and not forgetting look incredible! The 720 Volts I'm sure you will agree ticks all of...


Chase Armitage 2013 – Dreams

Its been a good few years since I sat down and found the time to create a video that means something personal to me, something with inspiration at its heart. I never stop thinking about how lucky I am, and where I came from. I joke about it a lot with the guys, quoting “Started from the bottom now were here” it might have something to do with a Drake track, but I do feel that it has meaning in my life too. I remember the beginning, being a kid full of inspiration and massive dreams, all of which felt within my reach because I had the attitude that anything was possible for me if I was willing to put my heart and soul into it. Since I was about 14 seeing Jackie Chan doing his amazing stuff I just knew that was what I was going to do, I...



People are awesome, its true but 3RUN people are on another level! 3RUN have released their brand new 2013 video 3RUN people are Awesome and its really an incredible creation. Concept created by 3RUN’s Mike Wilson he set out to get all of the best clips from the 3RUN team and 3RUN’s World Wide ambassadors in a show case like no other. You can check out the video here, on the home of the 3RUN team, 3RUNTUBE. 3RUN people are awesome really is a celebration of the 3RUN team and the 3RUN families’ achievements over the years. 3RUN continues to grow strong as a team, as a company and as a worldwide family.  The Video features some of the new faces to the 3RUN Ambassador team, the legends that are Slava Petin, Shade Zlat, Waldi, Bart, Wid Erikksen, and Jesse Turner to name just a few. 3RUN continues to grow...

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